About Insite Solutions

InSite Solutions, LLC (DBA Stop-painting.com) is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor marking tapes and signs. These products are alternatives to painting concrete floors and pavement, and offer a maintenance friendly solution that is both easy to install and remove. InSite helps facility and safety managers create safer and more efficient operations, by visually organizing the floors of their facilities, and communicating safety messages that prevent accidents.

InSite’s flagship product is Superior MarkTM, a patented floor tape that features a dual beveled edge design. InSite’s self-adhesive floor and pavement marking products are alternatives to painting lines to mark pedestrian walkways.

InSite Solutions was founded in 2001 by Cliff Lowe, who is the current Managing Director.

From the age of 15 through college Mr. Lowe worked for Patch Rubber Company, a division of Myers Industries, learning all aspects of the business from plant maintenance, factory safety, sales, and personnel management.  Mr. Lowe graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in management and marketing. He then continued working for Patch Rubber first as a sales representative and then as a division leader of Advance Traffic Markings (ATM), the road marking division. During this time he attended the Kellogg School of Management Strategic Marketing Program at Northwestern University, gaining further insight into providing value to customers. By entering into new national and international markets, Mr. Lowe’s sales grew by 25%+ YOY during his tenure.

Feeling confined by the boundaries of a corporate structure, in 2001 Mr. Lowe began exploring the possibilities of his own company. Armed with the knowledge he gained at Patch Rubber Company and his own observations, Mr. Lowe recognized the need for horizontal markings in the off-highway market. His vision to provide both indoor and outdoor markings customized to industrial settings would be the decisive catalyst in forming InSite Solutions, LLC.

With four patents granted to him (Lane marker masking system, Multilayer graphic systems, Multilayer graphic article, Floor Marking Tape ), Mr. Lowe remains on the forefront of product development to ensure safety and organization in a lean, productive facility environment.

Headquartered in Wake Forest, NC, InSite offers thousands of traffic control & industrial safety supplies on its ecommerce website, http://stop-painting.com.

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